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  • abstract
    GnuCash is personal, small business financial accounting software, freely licensed GNU GPL and availavble for Linux and Windows.
  • Main feature
    1. Double-Entry Accounting
    2. Bond, Stock, Account Receivable, Mutual Fund Accouting
    3. Customer, Venders, Job
    4. Invoice
    5. Reports, Graphs
    6. DataBase
    7. Small Business accounting

GnuCash 2.3.7 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.3.7, the eighth of several unstable 2.3.x releases of the GnuCash Free Accounting Software which will eventually lead to the stable version 2.4.0. With this new release series, GnuCash can use an SQL database using SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL. It runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX. This release is intended for developers and testers who want to help tracking down all those bugs that are still in there.

  • Major changes in the 2.3.x release include;
    1. SQL
      In addition to the XML backend, Gnucash can now use a SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL database to store the data. This is a new implementation using libdbi. It supports all features including the business features. In order to build with this, add --enable-dbi to the configure command. In addition to the libdbi-dev package for your distribution, you will also need the appropriate DBD (libdbi driver) package for sqlite3, mysql or postgresql.
    2. WebKit
      In addition to the current GtkHTML HTML engine used to display reports and graphs, Gnucash can use WebKit. WebKit is the engine used by Google Chrome on Windows and Safari on Apple. In order to build with this, add --enable-webkit to the configure command. You will need an appropriate webkit-dev package. On win32, you will need to download the file from the source repository and put it into the downloads directory of your gnucash build area.

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